The main objective of SIMFAL project is to analyse, plan and optimize automated assembly tasks of cabin and cargo interior parts with a coexistence of human workforce facilitating working places where workers are collaborating with automation systems and enhancing the total system (human and automation).

To do that, the project will set up a simulation environment based on VR and AR to display and evaluate alternative process scenarios. On one hand, a VR environment will be developed for simulating the assembly of the interior of an aircraft. Thus different assembly plans can be tested.


The resulting worker operational procedures will be enhanced with the simulation of the coexistence of the worker and a robot during aircraft assembly processes. This will lead to a tool that helps in the evaluation of assembly alternatives. The results will feed an AR system. This tool will be used for worker assistance during the assembly process visualizing/monitoring actual information in real-time.

These two tools together will enable to evaluate different assembly alternatives (100 % of work done by the worker, 100 % of work done by the machine or co-operation; and different process sequences), choosing the best one in terms of productivity and health and safety of the worker (ergonomic conditions).

SIMFAL is part of ACCLAIM – Automated Cabin & Cargo Lining and hatrack Installation Method. This initiative is composed of three projects coordinated by Fraunhofer IFAM and they have the goal of automating the assembly tasks performed in cabin and cargo.